Benjamin Moore Neutral Shades: Top Interior Designers’ Picks

September 14, 2016

You creativity and personal style should be sources of inspiration when considering design ideas to transform the look of your home or office. There is, however, no harm to be done in doing a little research to see what others are doing.

This is especially true when considering the correct shade (or shades) of paint to use in a space. How much is too much colour? What colours act as perfect compliments for a design style? When and how should neutral shades be used?

In fact, understanding neutrals may be just the place to start on a journey toward every successful redesign. Here are some of the ways that two of Canada’s top designers, Brian Gluckstein and Candice Olson, use the Benjamin Moore neutral shades to showcase what is stunning about their own products as well as the beautiful paint.

Bedding by Brian

Having an oasis of tranquility for the decor is a frequent go-to for the bedroom design. Brian Gluckstein offers a range of striking and elegant bedspreads, sheets, duvets and more, all ready to match decorating palettes both warm and cool. One bedding collection is called Grant Bed, which has a perfect blend of neutral shades and recommends the Benjamin Moore colours of Stormy Monday, Kendall Charcoal and Pale Oak. The completed look is luxurious!

Candice’s Favourites by Far

Sometimes, you can’t choose just one favourite colour to match your design style. That’s why designer Candice Olson actually has a list of 60 of her favourites, in a wide range that includes many of the neutral shades showcased in the Benjamin Moore colour gallery. Some of her favourite neutrals are Cedar Key and Anchor Gray, both of which would bring a lovely accent to any design plan.

When decorating a space in your home, it’s always a good plan to gather the opinions and tips from respected experts in the field of design. When you’re ready to choose your paint, Barrydowne Paint is ready and waiting to serve you in making the right choice. Obviously, the ultimate decision rests on your shoulders; after all, you will be the one living, entertaining and resting in the space for years to come.